How UAE technology advancing globally?

UAE is most definitely one of the few countries that can implement a thorough plan on incorporating technology as a fundamental part of their development ambitions. United Arab Emirates has cemented its status as one of the most serious and reliable jurisdictions for global technology advancements and innovation with the introduction of a UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the creation of a Ministry for Artificial Intelligence.

The question of whether UAE is truly tech-savvy or if the nation is mired in a conventional web of initiatives with little to no real and palpable value does not go unanswered: a number of solid developments, a thorough innovation strategy, and the development of strong partnerships at all levels have placed UAE in a leading position and provided a playing field that is changing the way it positions itself in the technology space.

The Smart City

A smart city comprise of municipality that makes use of information and communication technology (ICT) to boost administrative effectiveness. It disseminate information to the general public and also enhance the standard of public services as well as the welfare of its residents. Dubai is ranked first for technology in the Middle East and fourth for smart cities according to research conducted by Spain’s IESE Business School.

UAE is classified as a country that invests in growth and recognizes the importance of technology due to the high degree of digitization at the business and public level. One illustration of how the UAE is promoting itself as a committed provider of technologically advanced areas that raise the happiness index of both citizens and businesspeople is Silicon Park. The UAE is addressing social as well as financial issues, such as crime reduction, sustainable agricultural methods for disadvantaged populations, and the expansion of urban space for an improved quality of life in cities. This is done by combining people, data, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Through the innovative use of technology, the UAE has also achieved impressive strides in expanding a number of specialized industries, including aviation, the military, mining, renewable energy, and the information and communication technology sector. According to studies, there will likely be 1 trillion internet-connected gadgets worldwide by 2030, with UAE alone predicted to reach this amount by 2050. UAE has developed into a technological hub for the Internet of Things in all applications allowing digital transformation in airports, freight, and logistics as a transit nation connecting the East and the West with a pro-business climate.

Best place for start-ups

The government in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has embraced the promise of new technologies. For instance, the two major financial free zones in the nation, Abu Dhabi Global Market and the Dubai International Financial Centre, have organized and built cutting-edge fintech ecosystems, perfect for start-ups and new firms that collaborate with more established ones so that both may profit.
The nation also funds technology for SME’s in the industrial sector and views these businesses as the engine of the economy. “Operation 300bn,” a comprehensive 10-year strategic plan that intends to build the UAE’s industrial sector as a success story of advancing a sustainable economic model, was introduced by UAE in March 2021. Through the recently unveiled strategy, more than 13,500 micro and small businesses will get financial and policy help, developing a supplementary real economy.

Multiple Visa Options for Entrepreneurs & IT Professionals

Entrepreneurs, reputable investors, top IT talent, academics/scholars with exceptional scientific skill, and academics/scholars are all targeted audiences for the new visa options recently introduced by UAE. This launch aims to attract international businesspeople, boost the UAE’s competitiveness, and underline the nation’s status as a major talent incubator. Additionally, it offers an incentive for talent relocation, which goes hand in hand with actual knowledge transfer and with a more effective and integrated ecosystem to convert revolutionary ideas into products that are ready for the market.

The ease of getting visa gives businesspeople the opportunity to explore and experiment in the UAE while also safeguarding their families’ futures. The “Thrive in Abu Dhabi” initiative, in particular, encourages long-term Golden Visas and a route to citizenship for foreign talent engaged in vital industries and specializations in Abu Dhabi as well as investing in them. International investors and the best talent from across the world can apply for the UAE’s Golden Visa in Abu Dhabi, which grants them permits good for up to ten years. This covers professionals and researchers in the sciences and other disciplines of knowledge, such as physicians, experts, and innovators.
Entrepreneurs may explore this fascinating location through these business solutions by establishing an Onshore or Free Zone firm in the UAE. For entrepreneurs looking to launch an online business, the UAE is a particularly appealing location because it has one of the Middle East’s fastest-growing e-commerce sectors.

Project of 50

An ambitious initiative called “Projects of the 50” was created to dramatically increase the region’s digital transformation. The project will make the already lucrative ($5.5 billion) UAE IT business into the industry leader in the next years. To achieve this ascent, the private sector will be essential.
The first set of “Projects of the 50,” the second set of “Projects of the 50,” and the Emirati interplanetary mission 2028 are the three ideas that served as the foundation for the programme.
The numerous cutting-edge innovations created as a result of this effort will be extremely beneficial to the energy, transportation, and space industries.

While the initiatives’ practical objectives vary, they all work towards a single objective: quickening the UAE’s transition to a sustainable and digital economy.

Emiratis Mars Mission

Entitled “Hope Probe”, the mission was launched in 2020 and the probe sent reached the orbit of Mars in February 2021. The probe could then capture images and provide the necessary material for advances in studies of the Martian atmosphere.

This will be central to UAE Space Agency’s most ambitious plan: to build a real city on Mars in the next century.

Museum of Future

With recently inaugurated ‘Museum of Future’ UAE has clearly let others visualize their vision of how UAE want its future to be. It clearly shows that UAE will incorporate technology at all levels up to its extreme state to make a better tomorrow for entire world.

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